St George's Port (GDSTG)

Port Code GDSTG City St George's
Port Name ST GEORGE'S Country/Region Grenada
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of St George's Port (GDSTG)


      St. George's is the capital of Grenada, an island country at the southern end of the Lesser Antilles. It is located on the southwest Bank of Grenada island and the right bank of St. George's River, bordering on the Caribbean Sea. It is the largest town, port and commercial center of Grenada. On the southwest Bank of Grenada, on the right bank of the St. George estuary. Population 12000 (1987). It was founded in 1650. It was the capital of the British Windward Islands. The city is built on a narrow peninsula. It is a famous port in the East Caribbean Sea. It mainly exports nutmeg, cocoa and banana. The industry is mainly agricultural products processing, with sugar, wine, coconut processing, cigarette, paper, ship repair and other small factories. The beach is excellent and the tourism is very popular.

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Summary of GDSTG

The port of St George's (Port Code: GDSTG) is a port located at North Coast of South America, in Grenada at coordinates North 12° 02' 52.80" - West 061° 45' 05.39". The port takes in that area of water enclosed within a line from Point Salines to Point Moliniere. The inner part of the harbor consists of two basins - the Carenage and the Lagoon - with access through a common entrance. The types of vessels regularly calling at the port are Sailing Vessel, Pleasure Craft, Passenger Ship, Fishing Boat and Yacht. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 345 meters. The maximum draught is 8.9 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 37503t.