Southampton (GBSOU)

Port Code GBSOU City Southampton
Port Name Southampton Country/Region United Kingdom
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN MAIN PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Southampton (GBSOU)



      A large commercial port in the south of England. Located in the middle of the North Bank of the English Channel and within the TST Fjord, White Island is outside the estuary to block the wind and waves, and the south is the English Channel. 109 nautical miles from port laafore, 1180 nautical miles from Gibraltar and 193 nautical miles from port Tilbury. It is the main port, free port, which is used for the import and export of passengers and goods from the East, northwest Africa and Mediterranean countries. The port area is mainly distributed on the Northeast Bank of tester fjord to the north of the Yiqin estuary, which is divided into East-West port and container port area. East port area is located at the intersection of the yichin River and the Tesla River, consisting of breakwaters and harbor pools, and has Elizabeth II wharf. The jetty wharf, ocean port pool, Empire harbor pool, Alexandria Port pool, etc. There are more than 50 berths along the border, with a total length of 6300 meters and a depth of 4.1-11.7 meters, most of which are shallow. Only berth 31-36 of the Yichen wharf and berth 38-40 of Elizabeth II wharf are more than 9 meters deep. The West port area is located in the northwest of the east port area, with 9 berths along the shore, with a total length of 2263 meters and a depth of 10.2-11.7 meters. It is a cold storage, grain and RO ro loading terminal. The container area is in the northwest of the West Port Area, which is a corner shaped wharf with 5 berths. The total length of berth line is 1480m and the water depth is 10.2-12.8m. In addition, there are tanker ports on both sides of the downstream approach channel. On the other side are Esso refinery wharf, with 9 berths, 5 of which are ocean berths with water depth of 9.6m-14.9 m, and other coastal berths are only 5.6m; There are three BP berths on the left bank, two of which are the main berths and one is a small coastal berth. There are more than 70 berths in the port, with annual cargo throughput of more than 26million tons, and container loading and unloading of more than 300000 standard containers; More than 2.3 million passengers are the largest passenger transport port in the UK.

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Summary of GBSOU

Southampton port (Port Code: GBSOU), a passenger and cargo port, is ten miles (16 km) inland, between the confluence of the rivers Test and Itchen and the head of the mile-wide drowned valley known as Southampton Water in the south coast of England. It is equipped with four active passenger terminals in the port of Southampton servicing passenger ships and a fifth terminal under construction as of 2021. In addition to the passenger terminals, Berth 104 (Fruit Terminal) is generally used for fruit transport during busy times. The largest vessel using the Port of Southampton is Royal Caribbean International's Anthem of the Seas, with a length of 348 m, a gross tonnage of 168,666 and a maximum passenger capacity of 4,905. he Port of Southampton is the busiest cruise turnaround port in Northern Europe.