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Shoreham (GBSHO)

Shoreham, England, United Kingdom

Port Code GBSHO Port Name Shoreham
City Shoreham Country/Region United Kingdom
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 50.829755 Longitude -0.23275175
Shoreham Port (Port Code: GBSHO) is a port on the south coast of England. It is located at UK Coast & Atlantic, English Channel in United Kingdom at coordinates North 50° 49' 47.12" - West 000° 13' 57.90". Built in 1760s, the port is ideally situated for short-sea shipping and excellent in handling a variety of key cargoes from the UK and Europe including timber, steel, aggregates, bulks and glass, as well as petroleum, woodchip and cereals. It provides services to merchant and fishing vessels, as well as bed levelling, towage support and diving services.

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