Shenzhen Port (CNSZX)

Port Code CNSZX City Shenzhen
Port Name SHENZHEN Country/Region China
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Introduction of Shenzhen Port (CNSZX)

The Port of Shenzhen




While under a singular name, the port of Shenzhen(Port Code: CNSZX)  is actually a collection of several ports situated along the 260 km coastline of Shenzhen city, which is located in China’s Guangdong province. The port of Shenzhen is one of the largest ports in the world, ranking fourth globally. It is also one of the world's busiest, with a 28.77 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) throughput in 2021. In the four decades since its construction, the Port of Shenzhen has played a key role in strengthening international trade, increasing foreign investments, and building up China’s transport infrastructure.



● The port of Shenzhen is the fourth largest in the world

● Shenzhen port is actually a collection of ports in the region, separated into a east and west port by the Kowloon Peninsula

● The port is one of the world's busiest, connecting tech capital Shenzhen and the large manufacturing belt in the Pearl River Delta to the international economy

● The port of Shenzhen serves as a central hub for trade in an out of China, as has been important in strengthening the nations international trade, foreign investments, and transport infrastructure  




Separated into the eastern port and western port by the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories, the port of Shenzhen spans over 260 km. The western port is located 37.04 km north of Hong Kong and 111.12 km south of Guangzhou, just east of the Ling Ding channel. Its location allows direct access to the Pearl River region, connecting the port to numerous cities and municipalities in the area. A link to the On See Dun waterway provides access to other ports in the region as well. The eastern port is located slightly north of Dapeng Bay, and is often considered the best natural harbour in southern China.


The port has facilities spanning the entire shoreline of Shenzhen, but has several main port terminals which are as follows:


● Yantian International Container Terminal (Port Code: CNYTN)

● China Merchants Port

● Shenzhen Haixing

● Shekou Container Terminal (Port Code: CNSHK)

● Chiwan Container Terminal (Port Code: CNCWN)

The largest facility in the port of Shenzhen is the Yantian International Container Terminal, located in the eastern port. Yantian alone experienced a throughput of 13.34 TEUs in 2020, and around 100 ships moved through the facility each week.

Smaller facilities in Shenzhen port are also found in the following regions:

● Da Chan Bay (Port Code: CNDCB)

● Mawan (Port Code: CNMWN)

● Xiadong

● Shayuchong

● Neihe

● Fuyong

● Dongjiaotou


The port of Shenzhen was launched in 1980, with over nine billion USD (roughly 60 billion RMB) being invested in the project. By 2010, over 170 berths (locations where vessels can be moored) were constructed, including 44 berths with capacity for container ships. 69 berths were built with the capability to load 10,000 tons. Today, Shenzhen port operates 140 berths.

There are plans to further expand the port, with six new port facilities planned to connect the port of Shenzhen to the port of Hong Kong.  Business through the port is only set to increase, with 2021 seeing a record increase of 8.6% in units shipped through the numerous ports in the region.


Over 39 shipping companies operate out of the port of Shenzhen, running over 130 container routes worldwide. Over 230 other international shipping routes pass through the port, with it serving as a connector to over 300 ports in over 100 countries globally. Shenzhen port also operates 21 feeder routes to other ports in pearl river delta region, with over 560 ships are on call monthly.

Aside from shipping, the port of Shenzhen is also home to the Shekou Passenger Terminal, which provides ferry services from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai. 18 passenger ferry berths are currently operated in the port.

The port of Shezhen operates 50 vessel berths with capacity for ships of 10,000 tonnes deadweight (DWT) and above. It also runs 90 operational berths which break down as follows:

● 43 berths with operational capacity 10,000 DWT and above

● 18 berths for container ships

● 18 passenger ferry berths

● 9 consignee berths, with 3 with capacity 10,000 DWT and above

● 23 non-production berths

Aside from berths, the port is home to a large shipping logistics industry, which manages everything from port activities and production to financial and information services. 

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