Shanghai Port (CNSHA)

Port Code CNSHA / CNSGH / CNSHG City Shanghai
Port Name SHANGHAI Country/Region China
Category Port City Route CHINA MAINLAND
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Shanghai Port (CNSHA)


Shanghai Port refers to a port under the jurisdiction of Shanghai, divided into multiple port areas, mainly located on both banks of the Huangpu River, the south bank of the Yangtze River estuary, and the mouth of Hangzhou Bay. Since Shanghai opened in 1843, it has quickly become the largest port in China. Since 2010 It has been the world's largest container port since 2014. In 2014, the container throughput reached 35.285 million TEUs and the annual cargo tonnage was 755 million tons (2014). Port operations mainly include loading and unloading, warehousing, logistics, ship towing, piloting, foreign ship agency, foreign ship tally, sea-rail combined transport, transit services, and waterway passenger transport services.

Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Port is operated by Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. At present, the company has 11 wholly state-owned port (handling) enterprises, namely: Shanghai Port Container Co., Ltd., Minsheng Port Company, Nanpu Port Company, Gaoyang Port Company, Coal Handling Company, Xinhua Port Company, Zhanghuabang Port Company, Jungong Road Port Company, Baoshan Port Company, Luojing Bulk Cargo Terminal Company, Passenger Transport Service Corporation; there are 3 Sino-foreign joint venture port (handling) enterprises, namely: Shanghai Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Shanghai Port Pudong International Container Terminal Company and Hudong International Container Terminal company.

  • The 
    total area of storage yard and its capacity public wharf production warehouse is 345,000 square meters and bulk grain cylindrical storage is 170,000 cubic meters, and the total area of ​​production yard is 1.776 million square meters, including 283,000 square meters of coal storage yard; The container yard is 547,000 square meters.
  •  Handling machinery 
    Shanghai there are various types of mechanical loading and unloading count 3256 units, of which 578 sets of lifting machinery, transportation machinery 660 units, 980 units handling machinery; another Shanghai-Hong Kong joint venture Container Terminal Co., Ltd. has handling, special machinery 204 units.
  • Inner Harbor railway, roads, 
    public dock and Military Road, Port Zhanghuabang company and the company's Nampo Kaiping dock with special railway line, at the end of 1997 meter length of 9975 m, 2334 m where loading and unloading lines. The special railway lines of Zhanghuabang and Jungong Road pass through the Hejiawan Marshalling Station of the Shanghai Railway Administration (the Port Authority has two shunting locomotives), and the special railway lines of the Kaiping Wharf pass through the South Station of the Shanghai Railway Administration and Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai. The two main lines of Hangzhou are connected with each other to connect the national railway network.
  • Port-operated vessels The 
    Shanghai Port Authority has 373 port-operated vessels, including 4 pilot vessels, 7 fire-fighting vessels, 18 transportation vessels, 11 supply vessels, 5 cleaning vessels, and 14 cable vessels.

Port distribution

The port of Shanghai Port was concentrated in the middle and lower reaches of the Huangpu River in the early days. However, due to the gradual inability of the Huangpu River to meet the busy cargo requirements and the restrictions on the water depth of large cargo ships, Shanghai Port began to expand to the south bank of the Yangtze River Estuary in the 1990s and began to use in 2005 Yangshan Port is located at the mouth of Hangzhou Bay to meet the berthing requirements of super-Panama-class cargo ships:

  • Along the Huangpu River, including Zhanghuabang, Jungong Road, Gongqing, Zhujiamen, Longwu and other port areas.
  • The south bank of the Yangtze River estuary includes the port areas of Baoshan, Luojing, and Waigaoqiao.
  • Yangshan Deepwater Port, a reclaimed port located at the mouth of Hangzhou Bay, can accommodate cargo ships with a draft of more than 15 meters and free entry and exit (for example, Maersk’s largest container ship has a draft between 15.5 meters and 17.5 meters).
Shanghai Port is mainly composed of Baoshan, Zhanghuabang, Jungong Road, Waigaoqiao, Gongqing, Gaoyang, Zhujiamen, Minsheng, Xinhua, Fuxing, Kaiping, and Dongchang on the south bank of the Yangtze River estuary. At present, the port area is gradually expanding to the Huangpu River on the south bank to ease the situation of foreign ships turning to Nantong Port due to berth congestion.

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