Scheveningen Port (NLSCH)

Port Code NLSCH / NLSCE City Den Haag
Port Name DEN HAAG>SCHEVENINGEN Country/Region Netherlands
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Scheveningen Port (NLSCH)


      Port in the northern suburb of the Hague, the Netherlands. The maximum draught is 4.8 meters, the load density of water is 1028, the tidal range is about 2 meters, and the southwest wind prevails. No pilotage service. Communication is via port control station, VHF channel 14 and radar channel 12. Working hours: 8:00-17:00. The maximum length of the vessel is 120 meters and the maximum draft is 4.8 meters. Port service facilities: ship repair, dry dock, fueling, medical treatment, small boats, supplies, fresh water, traction, repatriation, no pollution. The nearest railway station is Poole station, and the nearest airports are Rotterdam and Zestienhoven. The first port, with an annual throughput of about 1 million tons, has two general cargo and bulk cargo terminals: Terminal 1, 350 meters long, and terminal 2, 80 meters long; Pier 3 is 200 meters long, and the water intake is about 3 meters. Two private ro ro berths, 120m long and 5m draught.

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Summary of NLSCH

Scheveningen Port (Port Code: NLSCH) is a fishing port and resort in the western Netherlands province of Zuid-Holland. Lying on the North Sea shores, Scheveningen Port has been home to fishermen since the 14th Century. Administratively part of The Hague, it is one of eight districts within the capital city of The Netherlands. A modern seaside resort, Scheveningen Port has an esplanade, a pier, a lighthouse, and a big sandy beach for tourism. It can accommodate vessels up to 160 meters long with 7.5 meters draft. Larger vessels can enter the harbor after consulting the Harbour Master. Scheveningen Port’s first harbor is 350 meters long and 140 meters wide with a depth of 8 meters. The second harbor at Scheveningen Port is 800 meters long and 80 meters wide with a depth of 4 meters. Scheveningen Port’s third harbor is 120 meters long and 80 meters wide with a depth of 7 meters. The Outport and the Adiraan Masskade have 127 meters of quay with alongside depth of 8 meters. The outport is 190 meters in diameter, and it is used as a turning basin.