Port of THSAT

Sattahip Port (THSAT)

Port Code THSAT City Pattaya
Port Name PATTAYA>SATTAHIP Country/Region Thailand
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Sattahip Port (THSAT)


      Thai military port and commercial port. Located in the south-east corner of Bangkok Bay in the south of the country, it is near the Gulf of Thailand. The north is 51 nautical miles from the port of ladham, 79 nautical miles to Bangkok port, 329 nautical miles from songka port in the south, 218 nautical miles from banson port in Cambodia in the southeast, 750 nautical miles to Singapore port and 1426 nautical miles to Hong Kong in the northeast. This was originally a military port, and was built in 1967. The commercial port is divided into two ports. The South East Bank of the outer seataoyi Bay, zushamang District, is surrounded by islands such as PRA island and Mu Island, which are superior in natural conditions. At present, there are two western and North docks on the peninsula with east land bank facing west Turk of Mu Island: three berths at West Wharf, with a length of 540 meters. The depth of the front is more than 12M, and the maximum reliable draft is 10.6m passengers and cargo ships; The North Wharf is 360 meters long, with a depth of 10 meters, reliable berthing of 8.5m draft vessels. There are 24 tons and 40 tons of shore cranes on the wharf, two belt conveyors and 30 tons of container handling equipment. There is also a breakwater in the south of the West Wharf, with a depth of 11 meters at the front. The port plans to fill the sea from land bank to west to form a seawall and wharf in the north of the North Wharf, and form a port pool with the West Island of Mu island. The breakwater and the East oil breakwater arch and guard harbor pool will be extended in the southeast of Mu island to form a complete port area. The other port area of the port is the northwest of Shanggang, which is about 10 km straight to the northwest Bank of Bolong Bay. In the west, there is Kelan island as its barrier. The port area has two breakwaters, each of which is 153 meters and 183 meters long, with a depth of 10.4-12.8m, and the North jetty wharf is long and deep, which is commercial.

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