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Santana (BRSTA)

Santana, State of Amapa, Brazil

Port Code BRSTA / BRSTN Port Name Santana
City Santana Country/Region Brazil
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -0.005 Longitude -51.166667
The Port of Santana, also known as Macapa (Port Code:BRSTA), was built in 1980. It was originally intended for river transport, but due to its favourable position, it quickly developed into a main harbour for international transport to and from the Caribbean, United States and European Union. The harbour was inaugurated on 6 May 1982, and became a public company in 2002. It is located on the Amazon River approx 20km from the City of Macapa. The port stands on the N side of Canal de Santana and handles mainly manganese ore and general cargoes. It is sheltered by Santana Island from the sea and wind conditions.
The Port of Santana also provides ferry services. In 2020, the ferry between Santana and Belém was the largest ferry of Brazil measuring 115 metres (377 ft). Approx 390,000t of cargo handled annually.

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