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Sanremo (ITSRE)

Sanremo, Liguria Region, Italy

Port Code ITSRE Port Name Sanremo
City Sanremo Country/Region Italy
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 43.81715 Longitude 7.786403
Sanremo or San Remo port (Port Code:ITSRE) is a chief port on the Italian Riveria and is mainly a yacht harbour, with few commercial facilities except for fishing and passenger vessels. The harbour is man made and very congested. It is situated in NW Italy near the French border, located in the Mediterranean city of Sanremo or San Remo, in western Liguria and north-western Italy. It is a part of the province of Imperia and a famous tourist destination thanks to its music events and festive atmosphere. This is a recreational marina that focuses on tourism and leisure.

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