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Sandakan (MYSDK)

Sandakan, Sabah Negeri, Malaysia

Port Code MYSDK Port Name Sandakan
City Sandakan Country/Region Malaysia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 5.8235155 Longitude 118.09585
Sandakan Port (Port Code: MYSDK) is a port located on the eastern coast of Sabah facing the Sulu Sea. The town is known as one of the port towns in Malaysia. The port is the second busiest port in Sabah, which is renowned for its palm oil industry. Besides palm oil related products, the port also handles container, general cargo and dry bulk. Sandakan has six berths. Four berths are on an island pier which extends southeast of the main port complex, a recent development, which has berths on four sides of its head and a transit shed at the centre. Timber vessels are loaded from anchorage.

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