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San Diego (USSAN)

San Diego, California, USA

Port Code USSAN Port Name San Diego
City San Diego Country/Region USA CA
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 32.653655 Longitude -117.1141
The Port of San Diego (Port Code: USSAN) is a seaport in San Diego, California. It is located on San Diego Bay in southwestern San Diego County, California. The port administers two marine cargo facilities, Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal and National City Marine Terminal. In addition to port activities, the Port District controls San Diego Bay and owns and manages the Bay's immediate waterfront under the state's Tidelands Trust. It is the fourth largest of the 11 ports in California and serves as an economic engine, an environmental steward of San Diego Bay and the surrounding tidelands, and a provider of community services and public safety.

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