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Sakata (JPSTA)

Sakata, Yamagata ken, Japan

Port Code JPSTA / JPSKT Port Name Sakata
City Sakata Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 38.934845 Longitude 139.8178
The Port of Sakata (Port Code: JPSTA) is a seaport on the Sea of Japan coast of Yamagata Prefecture, to the west of the city center of Sakata at the mouth of the Mogami River in the Tōhoku region of northern Honshū, Japan. It is classified as a Major Port and as a Special Port by the Japanese government. With a land area of 662.5 hectares, it is a multipurpose port with facilities set over two areas, Sakata South and Sakata North. It is the busiest port in Yamagata Prefecture, and the government’s national storehouses for rice were established there in 1926. At present, the port supports the lifestyles of Yamagata residents as the only commercial port in Yamagata. All of the equipment at the port is large in scale. A concrete box, called a caisson, weighing more than 2,700 tons was used for the wharf construction works to enable ships to moor safely. Tetrapods weighing 50 tons were used for the breakwater construction.

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