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Safaga (EGSGA)

Safaga, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Port Code EGSGA Port Name Safaga
City Safaga Country/Region Egypt
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 26.745305 Longitude 33.950585
Safaga Port (Port Code: EGSGA) is a port situated on the western shore of the Red Sea, midway between Hamrawein and Hurghada. It is a main deep-water port in the northern part of the Red Sea and an important phosphate export terminal. This broad bay is naturally protected from the east and the north sides by Safaga Island, and protected from the prevailing western winds by mountains. Yet, for a brief interval, it is affected by south winds (El-Azeeb) which causes disturbances and waves inside the port. The port drafts are deep, thus enabling the accommodation of large vessels. Vessels usually enter the port in the early morning, when the reefs are easily visible. The principal export is phosphate ore, imports are wheat, alumina and cement. Approximately 742 vessels, 3,870,000t of cargo, and 876,120 passengers arrive at the port annually.

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