Saba Port (BQSAB)

Port Code BQSAB City Saba
Port Name SABA Country/Region Netherlands
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type

Introduction of Saba Port (BQSAB)

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Summary of BQSAB

The Port of Saba (Port Code:BQSAB) is Fort Bay Harbor. A unique destination for ferry services, yachts and small cruise ships sailing the Caribbean. Located on the S coast of Saba Island, Fort Bay is the official and only port on the island of Saba and sits on the south side of the island, about 1 mile (1.6 km) by road from The Bottom. The port is very important for the island as most of its supplies arrive here by boat. The port currently has two piers.
Arriving vessels are required to proceed to the harbor as soon as possible, clear Customs and Immigration check in/out with the Harbor Master to fulfill the required formalities. If Customs and Immigration are not available, proceed directly to the Harbor Office. The opening hours of the Harbor Office are from 6am - 6pm. Every vessel is also required to check in with the Marine Park at their office, which is also located in Fort Bay.