Rozenburg Port (NLROZ)

Port Code NLROZ / NLRZG City Rozenburg
Port Name ROZENBURG Country/Region Netherlands
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Rozenburg Port (NLROZ)


      Rozenburg, a port town in the Netherlands, was once a municipality of South Holland in the western Netherlands. After World War II, the port of rozenburg almost experienced explosive development and growth along the nieuwe Maas river. A new canal was built in 1960 in parallel with the new nieuwe waterweg canal, which already existed, in order to master better maritime transport. The canal was named caland, a Dutch engineer who was responsible for the construction of the nieuwe waterweg canal. However, due to the increasing volume of cargo ships, the narrow waterway is more and more difficult to withstand the strong wind, especially the larger and larger transport ships near calandbrug bridge. So in 1980, architect Martin strujis and artist Frans de Wit were commissioned to design a kind of barrier which is beautiful and can effectively reduce the strong wind. So we have what we see now as the rozenburg windbreak.
      The rozenburg windbreak looks like some giant landscape installation art. The whole series consists of 125 independent concrete columns, which are distributed on the 1.75 km river bank, successfully reducing the strong wind by 75%. The concrete columns are semicircular in shape with a height of about 25m. The arrangement of the columns is different according to the wind intensity. The diameter and density of the columns are also different. Where the wind intensity is strong, the radius is small and the adjacent spacing is small.

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