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Rio Haina (DOHAI)

Bajos de Haina, San Cristobal, Dominican Republic

Port Code DOHAI Port Name Rio Haina
City Bajos de Haina Country/Region Dominican Republic
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 18.417 Longitude -70.019
Rio Haina Port ( Port Code: DOHAI) , also called the Haina Occidental Port, is located at the mouth of the Haina River, west of the town of Haina, in the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste, San Cristóbal. Haina Port is made up of two terminals, which are located on either side of the Haina River. The older terminal is called Haina Occidental Terminal, and the newer terminal is named Haina Oriental Terminal. According to a statistical report submitted by Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM) for January to June 2017, Multimodal Caucedo Port had 66.3% of TEU movement in the island, followed by Rio Haina Port with 27.4%, and the other ports in the Dominican Republic handling 6.1%. The port has the capacity to receive fifteen vessels and operate the different cargoes: general, containers, roll-on / roll-off, liquid and dry raw materials in bulk.

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