Rijeka Port (HRRJK)

Port Code HRRJK City Rijeka
Port Name RIJEKA Country/Region Croatia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Rijeka Port (HRRJK)


      Croatian commercial port. It is located on the northeast coast of rijka Bay in the northwest of the Republic of China, northwest of the port city, outside of which there are Kirk island and tstres island to block the wind and waves. It is 119 nautical miles to Venice in the west, 285 nautical miles to Bari in the southeast, 343 nautical miles to the port of Honduras and 1265 nautical miles to port said. The port is composed of rieka, susak, Balka and other port areas. Rijeka is the main port area, close to the city. The port area extends along the land bank, northwest southeast, and is composed of along shore and jetty. It is protected by a long dike extending from southeast to southwest. The total length of the wharf line is 2750 meters, and the water depth along the edge is 7-11 meters. It mainly serves for general cargo and bulk grain ships. Outside the east end of the main breakwater, susak port area has a wharf line of 935 meters, which is mainly used for berthing timber ships with draft of 6.5-7.4 meters. The brajdiea area to the east of the port is preparing to build a container port. It has built 240 meters of docks and 12 meters of water in the front. Others are still under construction. Bakar port is located in Bakar Bay, 10km to the east of the main port. A 400m bulk cargo terminal has been built on the northwest Bank of the bay. The water depth of the front is 18.5M, which can dock 150000 DWT ore ships. The capacity of the yard on the terminal is 400000 tons, and the unloader is 2000 tons per hour; There are coking plants and RO ro terminals on the southwest coast, refineries on both sides of the bay mouth, and 200000 tons of crude oil berths on the sea off the southwest coast. There are two T-shaped jetties in omisag Bay in the north of Kirk Island, which can dock 350000 DWT oil tankers. There are Dean petrakemije petrochemical plant, three chemical liquefied gas and multi-purpose berths in sapan Bay in the southwest, which can dock 60000 DWT oil tankers. There are more than 40 berths in Hong Kong, with an annual throughput of over 65 million tons. Most of them are ore, coal, grain, oil and other bulk goods, and one third of them are re exported by inland countries. The annual throughput of containers is 60000 TEUs.

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Summary of HRRJK

The Port of Rijeka (Port Code: HRRJK) is a seaport in Rijeka, Croatia, located on the shore of the Kvarner Gulf in the Adriatic Sea. The port began to operate in 1281. It has been the main port of the Kingdom of Hungary since the 19th century. Today, it is the largest port in Croatia with a cargo throughput of 13.6 million tonnes (2020), mostly oil, general cargo and bulk cargo, and 344,091 Twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). It covers a land area of 150 ha (370 acres) and has 58 berths. As a naturally sheltered port, it handls most types of cargo including breakbulk, dry and liquid bulk, Ro-Ro, passengers, forest products, containers, livestock and fish. There are also several shipyards available in the area. The main port areas in addition to Rijeka are Susak, Bakar and Omisalj. The port of Rasa is also under the jurisdiction of Rijeka and is included in this entry.