Rasa Port (HRRAS)

Port Code HRRAS City Rasa
Port Name RASA Country/Region Croatia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Rasa Port (HRRAS)

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Summary of HRRAS

Rasa port (Port Code:HRRAS) multipurpose terminal situate in Raša basin, equipped for handling general cargo, timber and livestock on the pier and storage facility Štalije (Total area 510,383 m²/covered surface are 35,500 m²). It is located approx 30nm SW of Rijeka. The port offers a naturally sheltered deepwater harbour with depth up to 40m. Rasa handles mainly livestock, however, timber and general cargo are also handled.
Nowdays, there are good possibilities to redevelop this area and transform it into an attractive terminal facilitiy to offer services for the general cargo handling. There is also enough space, about 150 ha, suitable for developing additional port and industrial facilities. The terminal Bršica is equipped with a suitable infrastructure for loading/discharge of animals (one-time storage capacity of 1,000 heads of cattle), which enables direct movement from one transportation means to another. There is a permanent veterinary inspection available at the terminal.