Pyeongtaek Port (KRPTK)

Port Code KRPTK City Pyeongtaek
Port Name PYEONGTAEK Country/Region Korea, South
Category Port City Route SOUTH KOREAN
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Pyeongtaek Port (KRPTK)


      Pyeongtaek / Pyongtaek is located in the central part of the west coast of South Korea. Now 11 berths including 30000 DWT have been completed and put into operation. It is expected to reach 97 berths by 2020. Pingze port, officially opened in 1986, is one of the three major trade ports designated by the South Korean government for China. It has business relations with Dalian port, Tianjin port, Weihai port, Qingdao port and other ports in China.
      Pingze port: terminal facilities: there are cy, CFS, bonded warehouse, refrigerated warehouse and other facilities in the terminal
      Advantages: natural harbor with an average water depth of more than 12 meters, immediate access (Incheon port is the gate, which takes an average of 2 hours) inland transportation network: it has Beijing Expressway, West Coast Expressway and other traffic network extending in all directions and direct transportation system in the harbor, which can provide direct transportation services to all parts of the country.
       Location: Jingfu Expressway (Ancheng IC) 30 minutes, Xihai Expressway (xipingze IC) 5 minutes
      Special wharf: special wharf of Jingji pingze harbor company
      Saving the cost of goods exchange: the government's preferential policy for Port Development
1. 50% reduction of terminal usage fee.
2. Container is free of additional tax.
3. Warehouse keeping fee and low operation fee. Provide competitive ocean freight: significantly lower freight than existing routes
      One stop service: shipping agency, transportation company, customs agency, providing excellent marine transportation, inland transportation, customs clearance and a series of services, as well as consulting on import and export issues. Some enterprises in the capital circle have a series of emergency raw material clearance and transportation services, which can be shortened by 3-4 hours compared with Renchuan port. Physical geography: located in the middle of the west coast of South Korea, the southernmost tip of Gyeonggi do, 70 kilometers away from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The climate is warm and humid, with an average annual temperature of 12.1 ℃ and an average annual rainfall of 1887.6 mm. With a long coastline of 24.5km, South Korea is one of the five largest port cities nearest to China.

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Summary of KRPTK

The Port of Pyeongtaek (Port Code: KRPTK) is a port in South Korea, located in the cities of Pyeongtaek and Dangjin. Lying at the deep-water end of Asan Bay, the Port of Pyeongtaek is a gateway to central metropolitan Korea where over half of the country’s economic activities take place. The port is located about 350 kilometers from China’s mainland. It mainly handles general cargo, bulk carrier, vehicles carrier, oil/chemical tanker and LNG tanker. In 2005, over 5900 vessels called at the Port of Pyeongtaek, including 2700 ocean-going and 3236 domestic service vessels. Over 42.5 thousand metric tons of cargo were handled.