Punta de Piedra Port (VEPPD)

Port Code VEPPD City Punta de Piedra
Port Name PUNTA DE PIEDRA Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port City Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Punta de Piedra Port (VEPPD)

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Summary of VEPPD

Punta de Piedra (Port Code:VEPPD) is a well made reinforced concrete pier of 158 m length and 30 m wide, with two outlying mooring dolphins located 60 m from each end of the pier. It is located at North Coast South America, North Coast South America in Venezuela . The pier is connected at an angle to shore by an access causeway 250 m long and 9 m wide. Berth N1 and N2 allow vessels to berth on both sides of the pier but the inner berth (N2) is normally only used by small craft such as supply boats.
Due to the strong current of up to about 6 knots and a tidal rise and fall of 11/13 m (36/42 ft) a careful watch on deck should be maintained at all times.
Largest vessel to berth to date was of LOA 220 m which loaded an experimental shipment of 36.000 ton of coal ex Río Turbio from coastal craft. The least depth in south access channel is 1,22 m (4 ft) at datum and at Punta Quilla anchorage and alongside berth 10,60 m (34 ft) at datum. Vessels should enter on the rising tide using the south channel, berthing port side to quay when the tide starts to turn. Sailing is normally arranged for half an hour before high water. The current runs practically parallel to the pier.