Punta Cardon (VEPCN)

Port Code VEPCN City Punta Cardon
Port Name Punta Cardon Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port City Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Punta Cardon (VEPCN)


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Summary of VEPCN

Punta Cardón port (Port Code:VEPCN) serves a large oil refinery and is primarily used for petroleum exports, although dry cargo vessels can also be accommodated. This is an open sea port with practically no swell due to the E'ly winds. It is located at the Gulf of Venezuela on the southwest coast of the Paraguana peninsula. During the Caribbean hurricane season is from August to November most rainfall during this period and although Cardón lies far south of the hurricane tracks, calm days or even westerly winds may be expected. Occasionally ships can not be berthed for a couple of days due to high swell.The anchorage at Cardón roads within a radius of 2 miles from end of jetties has depths varying from 54 to 100 feet (L.W.S.) and a bottom consisting of mud with some patches of small stones, sand and shells.
There are no know obstructions from West to North West of the Piers and there is ample water for a clear approach when coming from West an North West, but the anchorage is limited on the South by sand pit projecting a 01 mile South West off Punta Cardón Cape.