Pula Port (HRPUY)

Port Code HRPUY City Pula
Port Name PULA Country/Region Croatia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Pula Port (HRPUY)


      An important port city in Western Croatia. In the southwest of istalia Peninsula, on the Adriatic Sea. Population 77000 (1981). It was built in the second century B.C. In the 19th century, it was a military port of the Austro Hungarian Empire. After 1918, it belonged to Italy. In 1947, it belonged to Yugoslavia's Croatia. There are railways connecting Trieste and Ljubljana. China's largest shipbuilding center, as well as wood processing, glass, cement, textile and other industries. There are museums, ancient Roman and Byzantine arena, arches, temples, churches and other ancient architectural relics. A seaside resort.

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Summary of HRPUY

Pula Port (Port Code: HRPUY) is a port situated in the northern Adriatic sea, approximately 80km from the Italian border. Pula is a small commercial, fishing and shipbuilding centre with both commercial and military berthing areas. The harbour is well protected from all winds by a breakwater. Depths at the entrance range from 15-35m, width 500m. Exports include coal, bauxite, flint, cement, wine and fruit. Imports include food and steel plate. Approximately 335 vessels and 667,500t of cargo are handled annually. It is also is a major Adriatic cruise port. Ferry routes to and from Pula are currently served by 4 companies: Kapetan Luka, TriesteLines, Venezia Lines and Adriatic Lines, going to 11 destinations.