Puerto Plata Port (DOPOP)

Port Code DOPOP City Puerto Plata
Port Name PUERTO PLATA Country/Region Dominican Republic
Category Port City Route CENTRAL AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Puerto Plata Port (DOPOP)


      Port of the Dominican Republic. Located on the north coast of the country, the specific gravity of water is 1025. The tidal range is about 0.92M. East wind prevails. The ship must pilot when entering the port. The pilot is 0.80 km away from the port entrance. Admission is allowed during the day and at night. However, they are allowed to enter Hong Kong after midnight only when it is very necessary. The approach channel is 122 meters wide between the reefs. The water depth at the entrance is 12.81m. The water depth on the ridge is between 10.37 m and 11.28 M. There is a trestle No.1 in Hong Kong: 151 m long, 41 m wide and 9.15 m deep in the front. No.2: length 285m, width 44m, front water depth 10.67m. VHF channel 16 for port area communication. Holidays, working hours and application for entry documents are all in accordance with balaonata regulations. There are repair boats, motorboats and tugboats in Hong Kong. Supply of fuel, fresh water, food supplies, medical and repatriation services.

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Summary of DOPOP

The Port of Puerto Plata (Port Code: DOPOP) is located in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The port is the main harbor in the north coast, and it is used for cargo operations and several military movements. The Port of Puerto Plata is the third most important port in the country, with two terminals; one of them is currently being repaired by the government for tourism cruise operations, and it is known as Muelle Viejo. The other is currently operating and it is called Muelle Nuevo. This harbor operates container cargo, general cargo, fuel and tourist cruise management.