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Puerto Colombia (COPCO)

Puerto Colombia, Atlantic Department, Colombia

Port Code COPCO / COPUC Port Name Puerto Colombia
City Puerto Colombia Country/Region Colombia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 11 Longitude -74.88333
The port of Puerto Colombia (Port Code:COPCO) is a deep water coal export facility in open sea affected by weather conditions, operated by Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Nuevo, a subsidiary of Glencore. The port comprises a finger jetty extending approx. 1.0 n.m. out from the shore, with a berth either side of the pier head. Coal arrives at the port by rail and is stored at a 1,300,000 tonne capacity yard before being transferred to the berths by conveyor. The port's annual capacity is 25,700,000 tonnes.
Since its founding in 1893 and until the opening of Bocas de Ceniza in 1936, the port of Puerto Colombia, built by the Cuban engineer Francisco Javier Cisneros, was the main maritime terminal in the country, partly thanks to its connection with the railroad. Part of that history can be relived in this town near Barranquilla.

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