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Preveza (GRPRE)

Preveza, East Macedonia and Thrace Region, Greece

Port Code GRPRE / GRPVK Port Name Preveza
City Preveza Country/Region Greece
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 38.961495 Longitude 20.75737
Preveza Port (Port Code: GRPRE) is a port close to the seaward entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf in western Greece, facing the Ionian Sea. Preveza is a small commercial harbour with limited facilities for handling general cago, bulk and liquid cargoes. The types of vessels regularly calling at it are Sailing Vessel and Pleasure Craft. The port has four piers with depths to 13.0m. There is very little industry. Imports are soya, corn, iron, timber, animal feed, fertilisers and oil. In addition, there is a fishing shelter, which can accommodate 60 vessels and a marina with 120 berths. Approximately 200 vessels visit the port annually. High levels of traffic are experienced particularly during the early morning in summer.

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