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Porto Grande (CVPGR)

Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

Port Code CVPGR / CVGRA Port Name Porto Grande
City Mindelo Country/Region Cape Verde
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 16.8853 Longitude -24.996355
Porto Grande (Port Code:CVPGR) is the largest port in the Cape Verde Islands. It has a coastal trade terminal handling mainly container, passenger and fishing vessels. It is located in the Cape Verde archipelago, on the northeast coast of Sao Vicente Island, 455km off the west coast of Africa (Senegal and Mauritania). The harbour is in a semi circular shape, spacious and sheltered, with 11 berths giving a total quayage of 1,589m, depths alongside range from 3.5-12.0m. There are also 3 ferry/passenger berths with a total quayage of 235m, with depths alongside of 4.0m. The principal imports are fuel and diesel oil, cement and general cargo, the main export are preserved fish, bananas, hides and sisal. Porto Grande is also an important bunker station due to its geographical position near major shipping routes. Approx 2,280 vessels, 652,000t of cargo, 17,400TEU and 282,500 passengers handled annually.

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