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Port Tewfik (EGPTE)

Suez, Suez Governorates, Egypt

Port Code EGPTE / EGPTK Port Name Port Tewfik
City Suez Country/Region Egypt
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 29.9666666667 Longitude 32.54972222222
The Suez Port (Port Code: EGPTE), originally known as Port Tewfik, is an Egyptian port located at the southern boundary of the Suez Canal. It is bordered by the imaginary line extending from Ras-El-Adabieh to Moussa sources including the North Coast until the entrance of Suez Canal. Port Suez covers a larger area with multiple harbours. Port Suez shipyard owns repair quays with the length of 1250 m and a draft reaching 9 meters and equipped with service cranes of lifting capacity 60 tons used for the repair works of the marine vessels in water, as well as floating cranes with lifting capacity 500 tons to dock and un dock small marine vessels.

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