Port Moresby Port (PGPOM)

Port Code PGPOM City Port Moresby
Port Name PORT MORESBY Country/Region Papua New Guinea
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Port Moresby Port (PGPOM)


Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea and the largest city in Papua New Guinea. It is located in the southeast of Papua New Guinea, on the east coast of Papua Bay, southwest of the port city, and adjacent to the Coral Sea. It is 348 nautical miles from the Torres Strait in the west, 992 nautical miles from Lae Port to the north, 945 nautical miles from Rabaul, 670 nautical miles from the Port of Kieta and 848 nautical miles from the Port of Honiara; there is no railway connecting the rear with the hinterland, only Highway, there is an international airport . The port has open jetties and docks along the coast of the bay, but most of them are shallow, with 4 berths above the intermediate level. They are the "T" jetty in the southern part of the port area, with a length of 213 meters and a width of 18.2 meters. The outer front is at low tide. The water depth is 7.6 meters, and the tide rises up to 4.4 meters. It can berth 2 ocean-going vessels reliably; when the inner water is 3.8-4.5 meters deep at low tide, 2 coastal intermediate ships can be berthed reliably; No. 4 container berth has been built in the northern new port area. 125 meters, the front low tide water depth is 10.6 meters, and the tide rises 3.6 meters. There are 4 warehouses on the wharf with a total area of ​​5110 square meters and a storage area of ​​28,400 square meters. Export rubber, coconut, wood, copper ore, etc. There are regular sea and air routes to Sydney, Australia.

Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, is located in the Central Province of Papua Coast, with a total area of ​​253 square kilometers and a total population of 410,954 (2011).

With the Owen Stanley Mountains as a barrier, Port Moresby is surrounded by water on both sides, one side is the natural harbour Fairfax Bay, and the other side is the sea full of corals. The mountains and waters are interdependent, and the harbor is surrounded by bays, which is beautiful.

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Summary of PGPOM

The Port Moresby Port (Port Code: PGPOM) is a port lying on the southeastern coast of Papua New Guinea and overlooking the Fairfax Harbour. Port Moresby is the capital city, the centre of Commerce and houses the Parliament House. The Port has a Vigan Machine and handles Bulk wheat and grain at the Container Terminal (Berth 4). There are no wharf mounted, however, mobile are available capable of lifting up to twenty (20) tonne containers. Shippers are advised though to check this before shipping heavier loads. Prior advice and approval must be sought from the relevant Port Authority. The port has facilities for passenger traffic, Ro-Ro vessels, LNG and tankers.