Port Louis Port (MUPLU)

Port Code MUPLU City Port Louis
Port Name PORT LOUIS Country/Region Mauritius
Category Port City Route EAST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Port Louis Port (MUPLU)


      It is the largest commercial port and free port of maoliquus. An important terminal in the South Indian Ocean. It is 473 nautical miles from tamatav port in the west, 1550 nautical miles from Durban port in the southwest, 1420 nautical miles from Mombasa port in the northwest, 3320 nautical miles from Singapore port in the northeast and 2280 nautical miles from Cape Town in the southwest. The port terminal is mainly located on the northeast coast of the Fjord, with 6 berths, of which No. 1-4 berths are connected. The line of the terminal is 671 meters long and the water depth is 10.2-11.0 meters. It is mainly used for bulk goods, general goods and containers; Wharf D and C are located deep in the fjord. Wharf D is used for oil loading and unloading. There are oil depots of shell and Esso oil companies nearby. Wharf C is used for coastal trading ships. In the early 1980s, a bulk sugar export wharf was built on the southwest coast of the Bay, with a water depth of 11 meters. There are also 10 buoy berths in the Bay, four of which are suitable for Mooring Ships with draught of 10.7 meters, and the others are suitable for Mooring Ships with draught of 4.9-7.6 meters.

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Summary of MUPLU

Port Louis (Port Code: MUPLU) is a main port of the island of Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean. It lies between a well-sheltered, deep-water harbour, accessible to ships through a break in the coral reef, and a semicircle of mountains. It has the shipping routes linking Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. As the principal gateway of the country, the port plays a vital role in the national economy by handling about 99% of the total volume of the country's external trade. Over the past two decades, the port has been transformed into an economic nerve centre, with modern port facilities, a dynamic Freeport, excellent facilities together with impressive waterfront developments.