Port Dickson (MYPDI)

Port Code MYPDI City Port Dickson
Port Name Port Dickson Country/Region Malaysia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Port Dickson (MYPDI)



      Port on the coast of Malacca, West Malaysia. When East 8 standard is adopted. The maximum draft is 14.32 meters, and the load density of water is 1025. The tidal range is about 1.82 meters, and the southwest northeast monsoon prevails. It is compulsory to pilot oil tankers, and other ships can do whatever they like. VHF channels 16 and 9 are used for communication. Working hours: day and night service for oil tankers, 08:00-16:15 from Monday to Friday and 08:00-12:45 on Saturday for dry cargo ships, and overtime work is allowed as required. The northwest deep-water channel has four beacon indicators, so there is no navigation difficulty. The water depth in the West and southwest of Tanjong kamuning is 27.44-36.58 meters, with good anchorage. The quarantine anchorage is 18.29 m, and the isobath faces west. Anchorage is not allowed to be marked on the chart. Port service facilities include: refueling, small boats, medical, sewage, fresh water, supplies, repatriation, no repair, dry dock and towing. The nearest airport is 88.5 km away from the port. The shell oil company wharf is a 30.48m T-shaped concrete jetty with a length of 51.81m and a width of 10.97m. There are four mooring piles berths with a spacing of 182.88m. The water depth at the entrance and berth front is 7.92m. The bottom is sand and mud. The maximum allowable length of the vessel is 152.4 meters, the width is unlimited, the draft is 6.4 meters, and it is about 18000 DWT. Anchoring or sailing is usually permitted during the day. There is no need to wait for tide for vessels with a total length of not more than 121.92 meters to enter or leave the wharf. The handling rate is as follows: fuel oil 600 t / h, gasoline, diesel, 600 t / h, kerosene 240 t / h. Storage capacity of oil tank: 1000 tons of fuel oil, 1400 tons of diesel oil and 600 tons of kerosene. The capacity of sewage tank is 1000 tons and that of ballast tank is 1700 tons. No barge, no wharf tax. It can supply about 20 tons of fresh water per hour and 150 tons of fuel oil per hour. The New Jersey Mobil Oil Company wharf is an island concrete jetty wharf with a length of 64.00 meters and a width of 7.32 meters. The inner distance of the buoy is 76.2m. The outer distance is 219.46m. The water depth of the entrance island is 12.19 meters, and that of the wharf apron is 10.36 meters. Mud bottom. The maximum allowable length is 170.69 meters, the width is not limited, the draft is 10.36 meters, and the deadweight is about 19500 tons. The ship can enter and leave the port and berth in the daytime or at night without waiting for tide. Storage capacity of oil tank: 3300 tons of light oil, 4300 tons of heavy oil and 100000 tons of crude oil. The refueling equipment is 600 tons per hour and the dry ballast tank is 5000 tons per hour. No barges, fresh water and steam. No port dues, no mooring charges. Boom crane can be used. Single mooring buoy with a minimum water depth of 27.43 m, sand, mud and stone bottom. The minimum water depth of the entrance is 17.37 meters. The maximum length is 274.32m, the width is unlimited, the maximum draught is 14.33m, and 90000 DWT. Berthing only in the daytime, vessels under 45000 DWT in the East China Sea do not need to wait for tide. Boom can be used, ballast, electricity, steam, fresh water and fueling services are not provided, and barge is not available. The crude oil handling rate is 4500 T / h. The anchoring and sailing must be accompanied by a pilot without mooring costs. The railway jetty is a stone breakwater, 182.88 meters long, T-shaped, 45.72 meters long in front and 7.92 meters deep in front.

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Summary of MYPDI

The Port of Port Dickson (Port Code: MYPDI) is a port situated on the western coast of the Malaysian Peninsula facing the Strait of Malacca. It is an important oil terminal operated by Shell and Esso, and is a minor port for general cargo. Port Dickson is a popular beach destination in the state of Negeri Sembilan. The types of vessels regularly calling at the port are Oil/Chemical Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Crude Oil Tanker and Sailing Vessel. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 275 meters. The maximum draught is 15 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 163759t.