Port Cam Pha (VNPCA)

Port Code VNPCA / VNCPH City Port Campha
Port Name Port Cam Pha Country/Region Viet Nam
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Port Cam Pha (VNPCA)



      North port of Vietnam. When the East 7 standard is adopted. The maximum draft depth is 4.87 meters. The loading density of water is 1025. The tide changes by 3.96 meters. Prevailing wind: Southwest Monsoon and northeast monsoon. The port is managed by the port office of Kamp. Forced pilotage. VHF 16.2 channel is used for radio communication. Working hours: 24 hours (Class 3). Service facilities: tugboat, fresh water, steam boat, food supply and medical facilities, etc., without ship repair, fuel ship, dry dock, repatriation, etc. There is a underwater sandbar entering the port, and the water depth is 5.19 meters at low tide. The wharf is 299.62 meters long. Transport coal with a conveyor belt. Capable of berthing 165.2 meters of ships. It can ship 6000 tons of coal every day.

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Summary of VNPCA

Port Cam Pha (Port Code:VNPCA) is a modern multipurpose port containing one of Vietnam's largest cement production works and coal terminals. At the centre of northern Vietnam's industrial development program with Hai Phong and Ha Long. It is situated on the northeast coast of Vietnam, 65km northeast of Haiphong. The port operates as a loading facility for the coal produced at local mines. The port is owned and operated by CamphaPort and Logistics Company, a subsidiary of Vinacomin, the government owned company which mines coal and other minerals. Approx 4,300 vessels and 21,230,000t of cargo handled annually. Max size: Draught 9.5m alongside, 13.5m, 74,000DWT at anchorage. Largest vessel handled: "Ocean Eagle" LOA 224.9m, beam 32.26m, draught 14.1m, loaded 55,000t of coal.