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Pohnpei (FMPNI)

Pohnpei Island, Pohnpei State, Micronesia

Port Code FMPNI Port Name Pohnpei
City Pohnpei Island Country/Region Micronesia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 6.963745 Longitude 158.21085
Pohnpei Harbour (Port Code:FMPNI) is confined and obstructed with many coral patches but is well protected by a barrier reef. The port is located on the north side of Pohnpei Island. The Port of Pohnpei consists of four key areas — international, fishing, domestic and marine surveillance. The main dock encompassing the International and fishing dock with the domestic and Marine surveillance dock adjacent to the main dock area. Stevedoring services are provided by Federated Shipping Company (FSCO) a private company who undertake all freight movements at the port as well as handling warehousing and storage of goods piloting services and the delivery of containers and goods to site.

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