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Ploce (HRPLE)

Ploce, Dubrovnik County, Croatia

Port Code HRPLE Port Name Ploce
City Ploce Country/Region Croatia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 43.04454 Longitude 17.43813
The Port of Ploče (Port Code:HRPLE) is a seaport in Ploče, Croatia, near the mouth of the Neretva river on the Adriatic Sea coast. As of 2010, it ranked as the second largest cargo port in Croatia—after the Port of Rijeka—with a cargo throughput of 4.5 million tonnes, consisting mostly of general cargo and bulk cargo, including 20,420 TEU Containers. It was formally opened in 1945 after a railway was built as a supply route to connect the site with industrial facilities in the Sarajevo and Mostar areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was then part of Yugoslavia. In 2008, the Port of Ploče recorded 2,555 ship arrivals. It is managed by the Port of Ploče Authority.
The Port of Ploče is located on the Adriatic Sea coast in the area of the Neretva river. Its facilities include terminals and other structures in Ploče and in Metković, which lies on the Neretva approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) inland to the east of Ploče. The Port of Ploče is at the southern terminus of Pan-European transport corridor V, branch C, representing a maritime extension of the rail and road routes leading to and from the Ploče area.

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