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Piraeus Port (GRPIR)

Port Code GRPIR City Piraeus
Port Name PIRAEUS Country/Region Greece
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Introduction of Piraeus Port (GRPIR)


Piraeus (Greek: Πειραι PIREAS, Ancient Greece: Πειραιε, Peiraieús ) is located in Greece on the southeast coast of Saronic. The northeast coast of the bay, on the southwest side of the Aegean Sea, is the largest port in Greece. It was destroyed in the Second World War and then rebuilt. It is the import and export gateway of the capital Athens, only 8km away from Athens. It is also an important transportation hub, with electrified railways and highways directly connecting to major cities. The main industries include shipbuilding, chemistry, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, textiles, etc., and it is an oil refining center with an annual output of 2.5 million tons of petroleum products. The port is about 14km away from Athens Airport , and there are regular international flights to various places.

According to the 2011 census, the population within the administrative area of ​​Piraeus exceeded 163,688, making it the fourth largest municipality in Greece and the second largest city within the urban area of ​​the Greek capital, after Athens. Piraeus and several other suburban cities form the larger Piraeus region with a total population of 448,997.

Piraeus has a long history, dating back to ancient Greece. This city was mainly developed in the early 5th century BC, when it was selected as the port city of Classical Athens and was transformed into a prototype seaport, concentrating all the import and entrepot trade of Athens. During the golden age of Athens, the long wall was built to connect Piraeus in Athens. As a result, it became the main seaport of ancient Greece, but it gradually declined after the 4th century AD, and increased again in the 19th century, especially after Athens was declared the capital of Greece. In today's era, Piraeus is a large city with a lively and prosperous part of Athens, as the country's largest seaport and carrying all the characteristics of a huge marine and commercial industrial center.

The port of Piraeus is the main port in Greece, the largest passenger port in Europe , and the second largest in the world,   The rate of serving about 200,000 people is increasing. With a throughput of 1.4 million TEUs, Piraeus is placed in the top ten container shipping ports in Europe, and the Mediterranean is between the top container ports.The city hosted these two events in 1896 and the 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens.  

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Summary of GRPIR

The Port of Piraeus (Port Code:GRPIR) is the chief sea port of Athens, Greece, located on the Saronic Gulf on the western coasts of the Aegean Sea, the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. The Port of Piraeus served as the port of Athens since ancient times. With about 18.6 million passengers Piraeus was the busiest passenger port in Europe in 2014. Since its privatization in 2009 the port's container handling is growing rapidly. In 2007 the Port of Piraeus handled 20,121,916 tonnes of cargo and 1,373,138 TEU's making it the busiest cargo port in Greece and the largest container port in the country and the East Mediterranean Sea Basin.
The container part of the port is made up of three terminals. It has a total quay length of 2.8 km and draft of up to 11 m. Vehicle traffic reaches 2.5m while in 2017, passenger traffic reached 15.5m.

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