Pertigalete (VEPER)

Port Code VEPER / VEPRG City Guanta
Port Name Pertigalete Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Pertigalete (VEPER)



      Port of Venezuela. When the west 4 standard is adopted. The maximum draft is 14.63m. The loading density of water is 1025. The tide changes by 0.3m. The prevailing wind is east wind. Management by the port director. Forced pilotage. VHF channels 12 and 16 are used for radio communication. Service facilities include ship repair, fuel tank, fresh water, motor boat, food, medical treatment, repatriation, no tugboat, sewage and dry dock, etc. The new jetty is operated by a cement company, which exports its own products and determines its own imports. The length of the jetty is 157.89 meters, and the water depth in the front is 14.94 meters. The shipment of cement is completed by the cement plant. There are six cement silos in the port with a total capacity of 36000 tons. The silo is about 200 meters away from the wharf. It is transported by truck and loaded on board with about 2000-4000 bales per hour. Bulk cement is transported by conveyor belt, 200 tons per hour. The fuel oil can be supplied by the tank truck to provide a proper amount of fresh water.

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