Pasir Gudang (MYPGU)

Port Code MYPGU City Pasir Gudang
Port Name Pasir Gudang Country/Region Malaysia
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
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Introduction of Pasir Gudang (MYPGU)


Pasir Gudang is a newly-built industrial area and port in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Collectively. 

New commercial port in Malaysia. Located at the southeastern tip of the Malay Peninsula in the western part of the country, on the northeast coast of the Strait of Johor, facing the Sembawang Port area in the south, and 10 nautical miles from the city of Johor Bahru in the west, it is the sea gateway of the city and the state of Johor , So some people call the port of Johor. The ship enters the port from the east entrance of the Johor Strait, and the water depth of the entry channel is more than 12.5 meters. The port area is arranged from east to west. There are two large inverted "L"-shaped jetties in the west. The west is a dangerous goods wharf, which is 216 meters long and has a water depth of 11 meters. The east is a tanker wharf with two berths inside and outside, with a water depth of 10.0 meters. There are oil pipes connected to the rear oil depot; there is a small timber jetty between them. The oil terminal has an offshore wharf of 107 meters and a water depth of 5 meters; in the east of the port area, there are 6 ocean berths with a total length of 1093 meters and a front water depth. 12.2 meters, mainly used for groceries and containers. There are 5 36-ton quay cranes on the terminal , one of which is a container terminal loading and unloading bridge, and the other is a multi-purpose crane.

      The town of Pasir Gudang is located 32 kilometers southeast of the state capital of Johor Bahru, on the north bank of the Strait of Johor, facing Seletar on the opposite side of Singapore. The industrial zone extends from Pasir Gudang northwest to Gambas, which is 9.6 kilometers north of Johor Bahru. Rubber, palm oil, petrochemical, vegetable oil, fertilizer, shipbuilding, cast steel, tractors and other factories are built. In the 1980s, it developed into a capital-intensive industrial zone, with new electronics and aluminum foil factories and eleven palm oil refineries. The port was opened as a free port in the 1980s. The hinterland includes the Southeastern National Development Area of ​​Johor, which is a distribution center for agricultural products and timber in the state. With an annual throughput of 4 million tons, it is the largest seaport in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. There is a 32-kilometer railway between the port and Gambas and Johor Bahru.

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Summary of MYPGU

Pasir Gudang (Port Code:MYPGU) is a city in Johor Bahru District, Johor, Malaysia. The town consists of two ports, which are Tanjung Langsat Port and Johor Port. Johor Port is one of the country's most important seaports for commodities and mineral resources shipping, as Johor is home to a large number of major commercial plantations. The port is also the location of the majority of Malaysia's resources refineries. The Pasir Gudang Ferry Terminal is also located in Pasir Gudang and has passenger ferry services to Batam in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia.