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Pardubice (CZPRB)

Pardubice, Pardubicky kraj, Czech

Port Code CZPRB Port Name Pardubice
City Pardubice Country/Region Czech
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 50.038611 Longitude 15.779167
Pardubice Port (port code: CZPRB) is a dry port in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. It is located in Černá za Bory in the area of Logistika Park (direction Drozdice).
Operation of the port is focused on the container logistics (transship and storage). At the same time complex customs services (customs warehouse) are offered here. It has 4,600 square meters of customs warehouse and an area of 4,200 square meters for storage of empty containers.
The port operates continuously. All the time it is stable to release and receive containers, as well as receive complete trains.

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