Paranam Port (SRPRM)

Port Code SRPRM City Paranam
Port Name PARANAM Country/Region Suriname
Category Port City Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Dry Port

Introduction of Paranam Port (SRPRM)


      Port of the Republic of Suriname. Located in the middle reaches of sulinan River in the north of the country, the spring tide range is 2.7 meters and the neap tide range is 2 meters. Forced pilot. Pilot station is Paramaribo. The prevailing wind direction is northeast. VHF channels 12 and 16 are used for communication between ships and ports. There are facilities for ship repair, repatriation and small boats, but no dry dock, towing and sewage. Fresh water, food and medical conditions can be provided. There are two tugboats available. There are three ore loading terminals. No. 1 wharf is 111 meters long, with a minimum berthing depth of 5.1 meters; No. 2 Wharf is 126 meters long and 10 meters deep; The length of terminal 3 is 361.5m and the minimum water depth is 5.6m. The bauxite loading rate is 900 t / h and the aluminum loading rate is 850 T / h. A loading dock is equipped with a 75 ton gantry crane. The port can accommodate vessels with a maximum of 47503 DWT, a maximum length of 209 m and a draft of 6.58 M.

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Summary of SRPRM

Paranam (Port Code:SRPRM) is a private port situated on the left bank of the Suriname river, approx 64km from the Light Vessel, upstream from Paramaribo. The port of La Vigilantia lies 1nm downstream of Paranam and handles general cargo for the mining industry and also steel, timber and cement. The port is owned by Suralco/Alcoa, there are three private docks for handling bulk bauxite, alumina, general cargo, containers and oil. The district commissioner officially acts as harbour master, but vessel movements, pilotage, etc, are handled by Paramaribo officials. Max size: Paranam: LOA 228m, draught 7.1m springs (6.3m neaps) approx 40,000DWT, airdraught 41m (high water). La Vigilantia: LOA 200m.

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