Pamatacual (VEPAM)

Port Code VEPAM City Cumana
Port Name Pamatacual Country/Region Venezuela
Category Port Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Dry Port

Introduction of Pamatacual (VEPAM)



      Port of Venezuela. It is located in the northern coast of the country, when the west 4 zone standard is adopted. The maximum draft is 14.63 meters. The loading density of water is 1025. The tidal change is 0.3m. The prevailing wind is east wind. Forced pilotage. VHF channels 16 and 12 are used for radio communication. The working hours are 24 hours. Service facilities include tugboat, motorboat, medical treatment, no ship repair, fuel tank, sewage, dry dock, fresh water, food, etc. Pamatacuyar is an oil tanker mooring facility operated by a private oil company, which consists of four buoys forming a mooring berth. The 145 meter long ship is forced to pull.

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