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Palermo (ITPMO)

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Port Code ITPMO Port Name Palermo
City Palermo Country/Region Italy
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 38.13114 Longitude 13.37366
Port of Palermo (Port Code:ITPMO) is a port serving Palermo, Sicily, Italy. The port of Palermo is one of the major ports for passenger traffic in the Mediterranean. According to author Patrizia Fabbri the port has been "a constant driving force not only for the island's economy, but in the history of the city of Palermo". The port area includes the shipyard run by Fincantieri with its two graving docks.
It stretches for a few kilometers away from Francesco Crispi, near the ancient port of Cala, incorporating areas including Arenella and Acqua Santa. In 2018 6,189,091 tonnes and 1,986,941 passengers (of which 577,934 are cruise passengers) passed through the port.

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