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Padova (ITPAD)

Padova, Veneto Region, Italy

Port Code ITPAD / ITPDA Port Name Padova
City Padova Country/Region Italy
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 45.4066 Longitude 11.8742
Padua /Padova (Port Code: ITPAD) is a Bacchiglione River (Po River) cruise port in northern Italy (Veneto region). The site, the name of which refers to a passageway within the medieval walls to allow the passage of people and goods, more precisely known as a 'portello', is closely linked to previous navigation on the Piovego Canal, the thirteenth century waterway that was constructed to connect the Bacchiglione with the Brenta Canal, making it possible to reach Venice directly without having to navigate via Chioggia.
The ancient port of Portello, also made famous by the marvellous Canaletto painting (today in the National Gallery of Art, Washington), still today retains its function, thanks to tourism on the Riviera del Brenta and Padua's water circuit.

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