Novorossiysk Port (RUNVS)

Port Code RUNVS City Novorossijsk
Port Name NOVOROSSIYSK Country/Region Russia
Category Port City Route THE BLACK SEA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Novorossiysk Port (RUNVS)


      The big oil port in south Russia. It is located in novorosisk Bay on the Northeast Bank of the Black Sea, Southeast of the port city, 91 nautical miles from kerchiwan in the west, 205 nautical miles from mariubol port, 363 nautical miles from Odessa in the west, 451 nautical miles from Istanbul in the southwest and 243 nautical miles from Batong port in the Southeast. There are oil pipelines connecting the central Russian and Western Siberian oil fields. Ports are divided into commercial ports and oil ports, which are open all year round, and the harbor area is rarely frozen. The commercial port is close to the city, also known as the inner port, and it extends 8 breakwaters from land bank to southwest, and the outer part is protected by breakwater. There are 33 berths in the commercial port, with a depth of 11.5m along the side, including 7 berths for general merchandise, 6 for grain import, 3 for coal and ore, and for cement, wood and passenger transport. The oil port is located in the southeast of the port, with 9 crude oil berths, with a depth of 9.5-19.0m at the front, and the maximum berthing capacity of 250000 tons. The total length of the port terminal line is 8.3km, including 5.4km and 25 berths of the freight terminal line belonging to the former Soviet Union Ministry of shipping. It is the top of all ports in the country, including 34.8 million tons of oil (the largest crude oil export port of the former Soviet Union), 10.1 million tons of dry goods, including 6.1 million tons of grain (the largest grain import port of the former Soviet Union), and 1.5 million tons of bulk cargo of 2.5 million tons of general goods. The largest tanker shipping company in China is stationed here, with more than 5 million dwt vessels.

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Summary of RUNVS

Novorossiysk Sea Port (Port Code:RUNVS) is one of the largest ports in the Black Sea basin and the largest in Krasnodar Krai. At 8.3 km, the NSP berthing line is the longest among all the ports of Russia. The port is located on the Northeast coast of the Black Sea, in the Tsemes Bay (also called Novorossiysk Bay). The bay is ice-free and open for navigation all year round. However, in winter the navigation occasionally stops due to the hazardous northeastern bora wind. The Tsemes Bay allows deep-draft vessels up to 19 m DWT, the inner harbour — up to 12.5 m. The liquid bulk terminals depth range from 8.4 to 15.6 m, suitable for tankers with a deadweight of up to 250,000 tons.
The Port of Novorossiysk is located at the crossroads of major international transport corridors between Russia and the Mediterranean Sea, the Near East, Africa, Southern Asia, Southeastern Asia, North and South America. NSP is the final destination for several international highways, such as the Trans-Siberian Railway, TRACECA, North-South International Transport Corridor, and Pan-European International Transport Corridor № 9.
By 2017 the port had 89 berths with a total length of 15,627 m, its annual capacity for the same year was estimated at 208,793 thousand tons. Bulk liquid cargo (oil and oil products) constituted a major part of the yearly turnover (160,688 thousand tons), followed by 37,509 thousand tons of dry cargo and 883,000 TEU containers. The Port of Novorossiysk mainly handles grain, coal, mineral fertilizers, timber, oil and oil products, containerized, food, and general cargo.