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Muroran (JPMUR)

Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan

Port Code JPMUR Port Name Muroran
City Muroran Country/Region Japan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 42.34275 Longitude 140.96895
Muroran (Port Code: JPMUR) is the principal industrial port of Hokkaido and a designated port for quarantine and entry. It has the capacity to accommodate vessel up to 280,000t and is situated in a natural harbour with depths of 16.5m. The port is divided into three areas: Area No 1 and 2, known as the inner harbour and area No 3, the outer harbour, separated by the Hakucho Bay Bridge. The Muroran Port is located on the eastern tip of Hokkaido's Uchiura Bay. From old times it has been known as a fine natural harbor, and with the opening of the port in 1872, it has played an important role in Hokkaido's overall development as a strategic point for sea and ground traffic and as an industrial base to support central Hokkaido.

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