Moulmein Port (MMMNU)

Port Code MMMNU City Moulmein(Mawlamyine)
Port Name MOULMEIN Country/Region Myanmar
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Moulmein Port (MMMNU)


      Myanmar commercial port. It is located in the southeast of the country, where the Salween River and the zami River join and flow out of the sea, on the northwest Bank of the port city, near the east of motama Bay in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean. The sea route extends 165 nautical miles to Rangoon in the west, 310 nautical miles to Po Seng port, 744 nautical miles to Penang Port in the South and 1095 nautical miles to Singapore port. There is an airport. There is Bilu island as a barrier outside the port. Along the West Bank of the city, many "t" shaped jetties are distributed from south to north, such as tavoy wharf, Salween wharf, railway wharf, Moji wharf, big market wharf, etc. but the water depth is shallow and the equipment is simple, which is only for small boats and barges to dock. The entrance neck of the ocean going vessel is tied with a single point buoy off shore for loading and unloading. There are three single point buoys in the Northeast waters of Bihu Island, two of which are used for Mooring Ships with draughts of 7.62-9.53 meters. City of this port is the capital of mon state.

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Summary of MMMNU

Moulmein Port (Port Code: MMMNU) is the main trading centre and seaport in south eastern Myanmar.
Moulmein, also called Mawlamyine, is the fourth largest city of Myanmar, 300 kilometres (190 miles) south east of Yangon and 70 kilometres (43 miles) south of Thaton, at the mouth of Thanlwin (Salween) River. The city is the capital and largest city of Mon State.
Moulmein Port plays an important role in connecting between Mawlamyine and the immediate upstream towns. The port is currently under the management of Myanma Port Authority and is located on the Thanlwin River about 28 nautical miles inland from the Kyaikkhame point on the Gulf of Martaban, 2 kilometers from Mawlamyine railway station.