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Mossel Bay (ZAMZY)

Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Port Code ZAMZY Port Name Mossel Bay
City Mossel Bay Country/Region South Africa
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Mossel Bay (Port Code:ZAMZY) is an active harbour situated on the north side of Cape Saint Blaize, Mossel Bay, catering largely for the fishing industry and the oil and gas industry, which began with Mossgas in the late 1980s. The port sees little other commercial activity and there hasn’t been any other significant growth in the ensuing years. During the 2016 calendar year Mossel Bay handled a total of 625 vessels (2015: 1050 vessels) with a combined gross tonnage of 3,154,259-gt (2015: 4,540,038-gt), of which South African trawlers were in the majority.
The harbour is the only port with two offshore mooring buoys inside port limits, of which one is a marine tanker terminal single point mooring buoy used by feeder vessels from Durban and Cape Town. The harbour entrance channel has a depth of -8m, while inside the harbour the maximum permissable draught is 6.5m. Ships anchoring outside port must keep clear of the approaches to the entrance channel. Pilotage is compulsory from a point 2 n.miles northeast of Cape St Blaize. Inside the harbour vessels of up to 130m and a 6.5m draught can be accommodated at quay 4. There is a slipway for ship repair up to 200 tonnes.

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