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Moscow (RUMOS)

Moscow, Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia

Port Code RUMOS / RUMOW Port Name Moscow
City Moscow Country/Region Russia
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 55.72874 Longitude 37.596965
The Moscow River ports (Port Code: RUMOS) were built at the same time as the Moscow Canal, which connects the Volga and Moscow rivers; they began operating in 1937. The ports are connected by waterways with the Central Zone, the South, the Northwest, and the North and are an important factor in the development of Moscow. The river terminals provide navigation service for more than 7 million inhabitants and visitors of the capital. Moscow has 2 passenger terminals, North River Terminal (Rechnoy vokzal) and South River Terminal. The regular ship routes and cruises along Moskva and Oka rivers are used mostly for entertainment. North River Terminal (1937-built) is currently the main hub for long-range routes along the river. There are 3 freight ports that serve Moscow. The average annual navigation period is 215 days. The ports account for more than 20 percent of the total freight turnover of the Moscow transportation junction.

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