Mohammedia (MAMOH)

Port Code MAMOH City Mohammedia
Port Name Mohammedia Country/Region Morocco
Category Port City Route NORTH AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Mohammedia (MAMOH)



      Port on the Atlantic coast of Western Morocco. The maximum draft is 7.01 meters, and the load density of water is 1025. The maximum tidal range is 3.65 meters, the minimum is 2.74 meters, and the westerly wind prevails. Compulsory pilotage, radio communication by Coast Radio: 2182 kHz, Hong Kong and Taiwan; Radio VHF 16. The port is protected by small islands and coastal areas in the northwest and southwest. From mid October to march of the next year, it is occasionally attacked by strong north and northeast from Atlantic Ocean. After dredging the channel, it has reached 7.62 meters deep. There is a sandbar at the entrance, and ships with large draft must wait for tide to enter the port. The port entrance is 82.27m wide and the water depth is 7.62 meters at low tide. The ship can anchor in Florida within about 10.46 km, and the anchor and grip are good. The maximum length of the vessel allowed is 150 meters. Port service facilities include: ship repair, fuel, small steamboat, medical treatment, supplies, repatriation, dry dock, traction, ballast and fresh water. Casablanca is 64.37 km from the port. The wharf of No.1 oil tanker is 70.1M long and the water depth at the front is 8.53 M; No.2 general cargo terminal, 170.68 meters long and 6.09 m deep at the front; The wharf of fishing boat 4 is 79.25m long and the water depth at the front is 3.04 M; The wharf of fishing boat 5 is 79.25m long and the water depth at the front is 2.13 M; The 6 tanker wharf is 60.96 meters long and the water depth at the front is 6.09 M. Along the bank berth, no length limit, maximum draft is 18.29 meters. It can accept 100000 DWT ships, with a total length of about 2 km. The ship's connection to the coast is 2 12 inch diameter crude oil pipelines and one 8-inch diameter oil product pipeline.

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Summary of MAMOH

Mohammedia (Port Code:MAMOH) is situated approx 20km northeast of Casablanca. The port consists of a small protected harbour and a finger pier for large tankers, protected by an extensive breakwater. The port is mainly used by tankers, both large and small, fishing vessels and some general cargo vessels. The harbour is approached from the northeast, the entrance width is 82m with a dredged channel depth of 7.6m, for general cargo and fishing vessels. Safe anchorage can be obtained to the east of the port, avoiding the buoys marking the underwater pipelines to the tanker pier. The tanker berths handle crude oil, fuel oil, LPG, naphtha and some products. Max size: New Tanker Terminal: LOA 290m, draught 17.0m HW, 150,000DWT. Harbour Basin: LOA 120m, draught 6.7m HW.