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Mogilev (BYMVQ)

Mogilev, Mogilev Region, Belarus

Port Code BYMVQ Port Name Mogilev
City Mogilev Country/Region Belarus
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 53.871065 Longitude 30.29263
Mogilev Port (port code: BYMVQ), also known as Mahilow or Molev Port, is a small dry port in eastern Belarus. It is located on the Dnieper River, about 76 kilometres (47 miles) from the border with Russia's Smolensk Oblast and 105 kilometers (65 miles) from the border with Russia's Bryansk Oblast.
The port and the River Port Bobruisk on the Berezina River, both being the branches of the Belarusian River Shipping Company, provide transportation of goods for the Mogilev region. It was founded in 1976 and is intended for processing bulk cargoes.
The port has portal cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons. The length of the mooring line is 120 meters.

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