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Mogadishu (SOMGQ)

Mogadishu, Banaadir Region, Somalia

Port Code SOMGQ Port Name Mogadishu
City Mogadishu Country/Region Somalia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 2.033333333333 Longitude 45.33333333333
The Port of Mogadishu (Port Code:SOMGQ), also known as the Mogadishu International Port, is the official seaport of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Classified as a major class port, it is the largest harbour in the country. Since the Roman empire, a commercial port called Sarapion existed in what is now modern Mogadishu. However, during the Middle Ages the port of Mogasdishu was very small and only with the arrival of the Italians in 1890 were the first improvements made in order to create a modern port. The port has since increased in capacity to become most important port of Somalia and one of the biggest in eastern Africa.
Mogadiscio is the capital and principal port of Somalia. The port is formed by a large artificial breakwater providing 6 berths for deep sea vessels. It is reported that the port of Mogadiscio re-opened in August 2006 after more than 11 years and is now able to accept vessels of up to 8,000DWT. Whilst the port was closed, alternative operations for discharging and loading were being conducted by a lighterage system in El Maan Harbour, 17nm NE of Mogadiscio, in approx position 02°09.9'N 045°35.6'E.

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