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Mobile Port (USMOB)

Port Code USMOB City Mobile
Port Name MOBILE,AL Country/Region USA AL
Category Port City Route EASTERN AMERICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Mobile Port (USMOB)


      Alabama commercial port in the southern United States. Located in the mouth of the Mobile River, the Mobile Bay on the north coast of Mexico. 678 nautical miles to Miami in the East, 216 nautical miles to New Orleans in the west, 438 nautical miles to galvoston and 1379 nautical miles to Cologne City in Panama. The port terminal has 34 deep-water berths, which are arranged in the north and south along the West Bank of moreby. There are two berths on the Bank of moreby river. The water depth in the front is 12.4 meters. Each hour of the loader is 4000 tons of coal. There is a wide storage yard behind. In the middle, there are 8 berths along the shore, with a total length of more than 1550 meters and a low tide water depth of 11.8 meters at the front, mainly handling general cargo and containers. To the north of the general cargo port area are three jetties dug into the land bank. There are 18 berths with a depth of 11.5-12.8 meters. The wharf is accessible by railway. Further north is the grain and ore loading and unloading area. The grain terminal has two berths with a water depth of 13 meters, and the ore terminal has three berths with a water depth of 12 meters. The port also has oil import berths. It mainly imports oil, ore, wood and industrial products; Export coal, grain, flour, cotton, etc.

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Summary of USMOB

The Port of Mobile (Port Code:USMOB) is a deep-water port in Mobile, Alabama, United States. It is the only deep-water port in Alabama. It was ranked by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as the 9th largest port by tonnage in the nation during 2014, with a trade volume of 64.3 million tons. This ranking had increased from 12th largest during 2010, with a trade volume of 55,713,273 tons and increase of 19.1%.
The port is located along the Mobile River where it empties into Mobile Bay. The Port of Mobile has public, deepwater terminals with direct access to 1,500 miles of inland and intracoastal waterways serving the Great Lakes, the Ohio and Tennessee river valleys (via the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway), and the Gulf of Mexico. The Alabama State Port Authority owns and operates the public terminals at the Port of Mobile. The public terminals handle containerized, bulk, break bulk, roll-on/roll-off, and heavy lift cargoes. The port is also home to private bulk terminal operators. The container, general cargo and bulk facilities have immediate access to two interstate systems and five Class I railroads.
The Port of Mobile is the largest break bulk forest products port in the United States, and the Alabama State Port Authority's McDuffie Terminal is one of the largest coal terminals in the United States and largest import coal terminal. The port was the fourth largest exporter of coal during 2012, with the majority exported for metallurgical processes. The largest shares of coal exports from Mobile went to Europe and South America.

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